Main The MST primeMIDLINE catheter offers high flow rate performance in smaller French sizes for adult or pediatric peripheral infusate IV patient therapy needs.

5 cm tearaway introducer kits for your pediatric patient needs

primeMIDLINE is designed to minimize catheter-to-vein ratio without sacrificing performance. Low profile, ergonomic luers designed to:
Resist cracking/breaking
Provide patient comfort with dressings
Unsurpassed MST midline Power Injection Ratings:
3F SL: 6 mL/s @ 300 psi Max
4F SL: 7 mL/s @ 300 psi Max
5F DL: 7 mL/s @ 300 psi Max
3 forms of midline identification for patient safety primeMIDLINE Brochure 5F Dual Lumen
power injectable through both lumens for efficient caregiving

primeMIDLINE Indications for Use