Small Vein Catheters


pfmmedical offers small patients high performance, power injectable, 3 – 5 Fr venous access solutions. Our small vein catheters allow more patients with smaller veins access to the right device selection for their infusion therapy needs to achieve 33% catheter-to-vein ratio for catheter-related deep vein thrombosis management.

Features & Benefits

primeMIDLINE® Catheter
  • The only midline portfolio with FDA clearance that specifically mentions pediatric use. Indicated for patients weighing as little as 10 kg and 28 days or older.
  • 3 Fr MST single lumen midline catheter with power injection rates up to 6 mL/s
primePICC® Catheter
  • Targeting the lowest catheter-to-vein ratio with 3 Fr single lumen, 4 Fr dual lumen and 5 Fr triple lumen PICC catheters.  Giving you the power to choose the smallest catheter to promote optimal patient outcomes.
  • 3 cm reverse taper designed to reduce kinking in the subcutaneous tissue while gently plugging the insertion site and maintaining your preferred dressing orientation.
Tita Jet® Light Low Profile Port
  • Small Vein configuration for the smallest power injectable port/catheter combination available using a 4.8 Fr catheter
  • Click Connector® catheter lock designed to provide feedback to confirm secure and reliable connection
  • Lightweight plastic port body with a thin, durable titanium cup insert 

Small Vein Catheter Brochure

Ordering Information

REF LumensFrench SizeCatheter LengthTearaway Introducer LengthGuidewire LengthMax Flow Rate @ 300 psiBox Qty
PFM3SML20NSingle320 cm5 cm45 cm6 mL/s5/Box
PFM4SML20NSingle420 cm5 cm45 cm7 mL/s5/Box
REF LumensFrench SizeCatheter LengthTearaway Introducer LengthGuidewire LengthMax Flow Rate @ 300 psiBox Qty
PFM2CT3SPSingle345 cm5 cm45 cm5 mL/s5/Box
PFM2CT3SRSingle345 cm5 cm80 cm5 mL/s5/Box
PFM2CT3SLSingle345 cm10 cm 130 cm5 mL/s5/Box
PFM2CT4DPDual450 cm5 cm45 cm4 mL/s5/Box
PFM2CT4DRDual450 cm5 cm80 cm4 mL/s5/Box
PFM2CT5TNTriple555 cm7 cm45 cm5 mL/s5/Box
PFM2CT5TWTriple555 cm10 cm80 cm5 mL/s5/Box
PFM2CT5TLTriple555 cm10 cm130 cm5 mL/s5/Box

Tita Jet Light Low Profile Port

REF Suture HolesFrench SizeCatheter LengthValved Tearaway Introducer LengthGuidewire LengthMax Flow Rate @300 psiBox Qty
616.360.9070-HAVNon-filled4.875 cm13 cm100 cm3 mL/s1/Box
616.360.8070-HAVNon-filled6.675 cm13 cm50 cm5 mL/s1/Box

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