ASEPT® Wound Protector/Retractor


When Surgical Site Infection (SSI) management is critical to your success, the ASEPT® Wound Protector/Retractor isolates the superficial incision from the deep surgical site to maximize the protection of the field from infection while providing hands-free exposure for a vast array of surgical procedures in a single, sterile device.


The ASEPT Wound Protector/Retractor is indicated for use in retracting and protecting an incision during laparoscopic or open surgery. The atraumatically retracted wound provides maximum access with minimum incision size. Further, once positioned, the ASEPT Wound Protector/Retractor protects against wound contamination.

Suggested Uses:

  Abdominal and General Surgery (Biliary, Inguinal Hernia Repair, Thyroidectomy, Appendectomy, Pancreatectomy, Splenectomy)

  Bariatric (Laproscopic and Open Bypass)

  Rectal (Laproscopic and Open Surgery)



  • Proximal ring’s horizontal rib design:
    • Easily flips & rolls to taut excess sheath length
    • Sustains maximum wound opening view
  • Barrier Sheath Protection:
    • Provides even pressure to the wound
    • Lowers surgical site exposure to contamination
    • Assists in moisture retention of the incision surfaces
  • Single, Sterile disposable device:
    • Minimizes procedural setup time
    • May reduce costs & infection risks associated with multiple metal retractors


ASEPT Wound Protector/Retractor Brochure


ASEPT Wound Protector/Retractor Ordering Information

REFDescriptionIncision SizeRing DiameterSheath Length
SA0510XSXS2 - 4 cm5 cm (2.1")10 cm (3.7")
SA0814SMS2.5 - 6 cm8 cm (3.0")14 cm (5.4")
SA1116MDM5 - 9 cm11 cm (4.3")16 cm (6.2")
SA1720LGL9 - 14 cm17 cm (6.7")20 cm (8.0")
SA2133XLXL11 - 17 cm21 cm (8.3")33 cm (13.0")

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