Product Description

The power injectable primeMIDLINE® Catheter is designed to provide reliable peripheral access to the venous system.

The primeMIDLINE Catheter combines soft polyurethane material and a low-profile luer hub for patient comfort. All lumens are power injectable to eliminate the need to select the appropriate lumen and minimize interruption of work flow.   The primeMIDLINE Catheter offers the only high flow power injectable 3F midline catheter rated 6 mL/sec.


The primeMIDLINE Catheters are indicated for short term access to the peripheral venous system for selected intravenous therapies, blood sampling and power injection of contrast media. These catheters are indicated for patients older than 28 days and that weigh more than 10kg, with consideration given to adequacy of vascular anatomy and appropriateness of the procedure. The primeMIDLINE Catheters are suitable for use with power injectors.

Features & Benefits

Soft Polyurethane Material:
  • Provides ease of insertion
  • Body softness to minimize risk of damage to the inner vessel wall
High Injection Rates Provide Optimal Imaging for Contrast Studies:
  • 6mL/sec for 3F Single Lumen Catheter
  • 7mL/sec for 4F and 5F Single and 5F Dual Lumen catheters
Low-Profile Luer Hubs:
  • Lays flat for patient comfort under occlusive dressings
  • Allows for easier grasping and twisting when changing connections
  • Resists cracking and deformation
3F High Performance Offering:
  • Accommodates smaller vessels
  • Achieve high flow performance at 6 mL/sec
  • Minimize thrombotic risks
True to Size Catheter with No Taper at the Distal End
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Ordering Information (Box Qty: 5)

REF NumberLumensFrench SizeCatheter LengthTearaway Introducer LengthLumen GaugeMax Flow Rate at 300 psi
PFM3SML20NSingle3F20 cm5 cm19G6 mL/s
PFM3SML20Single3F20 cm7 cm19G6 mL/s
PFM4SML20NSingle4F20 cm5 cm18G7 mL/s
PFM4SML20Single4F20 cm7 cm18G7 mL/s
PFM4DML20Dual4F20 cm7 cm20G/20G4 mL/s
PFM5SML20Single5F20 cm7 cm17G4 mL/s
PFM5DML20Dual5F20 cm7 cm18G/18G7 mL/s

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