5 cm tearaway introducer kits for your pediatric patient needs

primeMIDLINE is designed to minimize catheter-to-vein ratio without sacrificing performance. Low profile, ergonomic luers designed to:
Resist cracking/breaking
Provide patient comfort with dressings
Unsurpassed MST midline Power Injection Ratings:
3F SL: 6 mL/s @ 300 psi Max
4F SL: 7 mL/s @ 300 psi Max
5F DL: 7 mL/s @ 300 psi Max
3 forms of midline identification for patient safety primeMIDLINE Brochure 5F Dual Lumen
power injectable through both lumens for efficient caregiving

primeMIDLINE Indications for Use The MST primeMIDLINE catheter offers high flow rate performance in smaller French sizes for adult or pediatric peripheral infusate IV patient therapy needs.