ASEPT® Select

Product Description

Introducing the new standard in out-patient drainage.

The ASEPT® Select Drainage Kit offers patients the benefit of both gravity & vacuum drainage through one shatter proof bottle. The vacuum provides the patient efficient and effective fluid drainage, while gravity helps the patient have a more pleasant drainage experience.

Color coded slide clamps allow the patient to switch from vacuum to gravity during the procedure at any time. The ASEPT Select Drainage Kit can be used for both chest & abdomen drainage in the out-patient setting.


The pfm medical ASEPT Select 600 mL & 1,000 mL Drainage Kits are intended for the ASEPT Pleural or Peritoneal Drainage Catheter to drain fluid from the chest or abdomen.

Features & Benefits

  • Shatter-proof plastic bottle
  • Two color coded slide clamps to choose between gravity and vacuum
  • Disk check valve to help prevent potential air and fluid back-flow
  • Shatter-proof plastic bottle
  • Easy to use multi-step pinch clamp to conveniently regulate fluid flow
ASEPT Select Drainage Bottle Brochure

ASEPT Select Ordering Information

Item No.DescriptionCase Qty.
M7006ASEPT Select 600 mL Drainage Kit (Includes low vacuum bottle and Procedure Pack)10/Case
M7007ASEPT Select 1,000 mL Drainage Kit (Includes low vacuum bottle and Procedure Pack)10/Case

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