Tilene® Guard / Tilene® Guard Set

The TiLENE® Guard Set consists of one TiLENE® Guard and one TiLENE® Mesh

Product Description

TiLENE® Guard and TiLENE® Guard Set are a part of the TiMESH product family, which is intended for the reinforcement of tissue during surgical repair. Specifically, it is indicated for laparoscopic and open surgery for the repair of direct inguinal hernias, indirect inguinal hernias, femoral hernias, umbilical hernias, incisional hernias, parietal reinforcement of tissues and abdominal wall repair.

Product Benefits

  • Oustanding biocompatibility
  • Minimized shrinking
  • Globally unique technology: The finishing process used for the mesh surface is patented and thus completely unique

TiLENE® Guard / TiLENE® Guard Set Ordering Information

DescriptionSizeTiLENE® MeshPUREF
TiLENE® Guard light (35 g/m²)14 x 14 cm-36000605
TiLENE® Guard light (35 g/m²)20 x 14 cm-36000607
TiLENE® Guard Set14 x 14 cmlight36000525
TiLENE® Guard Set20 x 14 cmlight36000527
TiLENE® Guard Set20 x 14 cmlight36000528


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