T-Port™ Low Profile HP

Product Description

The implantable port system T-Port Low Profile High Pressure is made of titanium are used to administer systemic chemotherapy, long-term parenteral nutrition or long-term medication. This port system also permits the high pressure application of contrast mediums as part of regular tumor staging.

Product Benefits

  • Titanium material ensures highly reliable usage
  • Pressure resistance of the system allows the application of certain substances with high pressure
  • The radiopaque CT marking at the bottom of the port ensures safe identification as a high pressure port
  • Simple and easy Click Connector™ provides audible confirmation of secure and reliable fixation of catheter and port.
  • Small version for more discreet placement of the port

Technical Data

  • Pressure stability: up to maximum 300 psi with maximum flow rate of 5 ml/s
  • Length of catheter: 75 cm
  • Dimensions: 23.0 mm (Ø base plate) x 10.0 mm (height)
  • Weight: 8.0 g
  • Residual volume chamber: 0.2 ml
  • Septum diameter: 9.0 mm
  • Puncture frequency (non-coring 19-G needle): 600
Port Systems Brochure

T-Port™ HP Ordering Information

REFCatheterIDODODFlow RateResidual VolumeSP
616.366.3077-HAPU Attachable1.3mm2.2mm6.6 F30 ml/min.0.18 ml/10cm Length of CatheterNo
616.366.3078-HAPU with Silicone Filled Suture Holes1.3mm2.2mm6.6 F30 ml/min.0.18 ml/10cm Length of CatheterYes
616.366.2087-HAPU Attachable1.6mm2.6mm8.0 F35 ml/min.0.23 ml/10cm Length of CatheterNo
616.366.2088-HAPU Attachable1.6mm2.6mm8.0 F35 ml/min.0.23 ml/10cm Length of CatheterYes