CT Rated Port Systems

The implantable port systems of pfm medical meet the high demands of users and patients: safety, quality and selection from a broad portfolio.

Port Systems »High Pressure«

The high pressure port systems of the product series »High Pressure« represent the latest development in the field of implantable port systems. These systems allow, besides the application of common substances for chemotherapy and parenteral nutrition, the high pressure application e.g. of contrast mediums during a follow-up examination of the tumor within the framework of the so-called staging for examinations in computed tomography. The well-known and proven advantages of implantable port systems are thereby enriched with another diagnostic capability. These offer users and patients a high level of comfort and safety and set new standards.

CT Rated Port Systems

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The required flow rate and pressure stability (during injection of contrast medium for CT examination) can be guaranteed with the 19 G (1,1 mm) Huber needle of the JetCan™ series. Both product ranges are available from pfm medical. Test conditions: High pressure injector with set max. pressure of 21 bar/300 psi; flow rate ml/s; connection tube 1,5 m 60 sec.; contrast medium Visipaque® 320 at a temperature of 37 to 38 °C; with vascular simulation; Huber needle JetCan™ (19 G, 25 mm) with extension. Instructions for use and port care advice must be strictly adhered to. Data from in-vitro test series is available on request.


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