Jet-Vac® Centesis Catheter

Product Description

The Jet-Vac® Centesis Catheters are built to provide safe and competent percutaneous drainage systems for both the clinician and the patient.  PFM Medical’s Jet-Vac Catheters promote minimized procedure time through large circular side holes and increase visualization under ultrasound with echogenic needles.


The Jet-Vac® Centesis Catheter is designed for short term percutaneous fluid drainage.

Product Benefits

  • Four large circular holes spiral around catheter to increase fluid drainage
  • Tapered catheter tip to smooth transition and minimize patient discomfort
  • Echogenic needle to insure visibility during ultrasound placement
  • HDPE material resists collapsing and promotes smooth introduction

Jet-Vac® Centesis Catheter Brochure

Jet-Vac® Centesis Catheter Ordering Information

Item No.Catheter SizeLengthNeedle GaugeBox Qty

Accessories Ordering Information

Item No.DescriptionBox Qty
M7005Drainage Line Set (Includes Drainage Line with end caps, & 5-in-1 adapter)10/Box
M7097Jet-Vac Drainage Line Extension (2 female luer connectors)10-Box
M7098Jet-Vac Large Bore Drainage Line5/Box
M7099Jet-Vac Drainage Line10/Box
M75552000cc Drainage Bag10/Box