Introducing Jet-Vac® 1500

The Jet-Vac® line of drainage bottles from pfm medical, inc. has always been synonymous with safety, ease-of-use, and reliability. pfm medical has retained these essential attributes and expanded the product line with the introduction of the industry-leading 1500ml capacity of the new Jet-Vac® 1500 bottle. Large volume drainage procedures can now be done more quickly and more efficiently by eliminating the need to use multiple, smaller drainage bottles and instead, utilizing one large Jet-Vac® 1500 bottle. Please attached product brochure for more information.

To order a sample of Jet-Vac® 1500 for use in your facility, please contact Nick Lombardo at (760) 758-8749

Jet-Vac® 1500 Brochure

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