Art exhibition at pfm medical


From October 2nd, 2014 until May 2015 the artist Samarpan is exhibiting some thirty works in the head office of pfm medical ag. On display are paintings, objects and works on paper.

His abstract large-scale works – created in his workshops in Cologne and Bali – form one focal point of the exhibition. Space and light are the central motifs in his pictures, for only through light does colour become visible and space is created. In fact for Samarpan it is always a matter of the “large space behind”. At first sight, because of the geometry of the colours, one notices the “small space in the foreground”. As one continues to look movement comes about; new spaces are opened up, enabling the gaze to take in the large, undivided space as a whole.

For his objects Samarpan takes everyday items which are combined with other items to make something new. As in the case of his paintings, the emergence of the objects follows a path that is neither preconceived nor at first even recognisable; it is rather a becoming as such, an openness to the things that pass by.

This is also true of his oil pastel drawings. Samarpan gives himself over to the colours and quick lines which come in the process of drawing, cast of one piece.
Samarpan follows a course of inversion in his photo-drawings. A motif is covered over and contours emerge by lines composed that bring forth something new and figurative.

“Why else should one paint if not to merge oneself into the unending harmony of the world?” (Samarpan)

The exhibition will be open from Monday to Friday every morning from 9 to 12. Between those times, Samarpan will be guiding visitors through the exhibition. Please make an advance booking: Booking form

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