About Pfm Medical

About the Company

pfm medical, Inc. is a subsidiary of pfm medical ag (Cologne, Germany) and was established in 2001 to serve as headquarters for North American development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution activities. In addition, the company was founded to conduct clinical research and studies in the United States. pfm medical Inc. is located in Carlsbad, California and is well positioned to support its distributor network with on time shipments and quality customer service.



Company Highlights

Mission Statement: It is the policy of pfm medical, Inc. to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations and requirements; to design and develop, manufacture, and distribute quality medical devices.


Vision Statement: Through our ongoing efforts in research and development, it is pfm medical, Inc.’s goal to pursue, manufacture, and distribute innovative and effective products to the medical device market. With our commitment to providing quality products, superior customer service, and unique solutions, we will strive to achieve excellence in all that we undertake and build solid and beneficial relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers.